Besides being the ancestral home of the world’s  last few remaining Bushmen people, the Kalahari in Botswana is one of the most remote and unspoilt areas of Africa, unchanged for thousands of years.

It has been described as “a place of mystery and has about it an aura of the unknown”.

Conditions can be harsh, with hot days and cold nights, but the sunsets and nights around the campfire more than compensate for any possible discomfort. The beauty of the night sky, devoid of any light pollution, provides a spectacle which attracts many tourists to the Kalahari each year.

For many, this adventure also provides a journey of self-discovery and an experience of spiritual proportions.

The Kalahari offers a subtle beauty and amazing solitude; but, above all, absolute wilderness.

It is also ideal ‘walking country’, with less dense vegetation and improved visibility for observing wildlife and avoiding potential danger.

The Bushmen programme, which includes walking, is presented on a private game farm giving guests exclusive access to a piece of authentic Kalahari landscape.