Walking with Bushmen

Experience a four-day adventure in the Kalahari Desert with the masters of survival, the Bushmen – Africa’s original ‘children of nature’.

The Kalahari Bushmen, descendants of an ancient and wise lineage, will demonstrate their exceptional bush skills, interact with your group and teach you about the food, medicines and mysteries of the bushveld.


Guests will walk where many of Africa’s wild animals still walk, including antelope, wildebeest, giraffe, zebra, many smaller species and some of the larger cats. Bird life is prolific, particularly around water holes. What you don’t see leaves spoor and scat, which the Bushmen will interpret for you.

Wild Places

Walking will take place where man’s impact on the environment has been minimal and where nature in its purest form can still be enjoyed.


Connection with Nature

Take a break from the trappings of a troubled materialistic world to feed your soul and to spend time “in your own head”

Get Real Africa Vision

  •  To provide a collection of experiences designed to bring guests closer to nature and the Real Africa
  •  Preservation of the San Culture
  •  Upliftment of rural communities
  •  Conservation and Environmental Awareness