To spend time with a Bushmen clan in their natural environment through which the Bushmen roamed for tens of thousands of years is an experience which words cannot describe. It is the unspoilt land where their ancestors, and ancestors of all humankind, first hunted and gathered. Their knowledge of this environment is unequalled and sharing a day in the life of these ‘First People’ of our planet is an unforgettable experience.

Understanding their culture, and how it evolved, explains why their culture is described by anthropologists as “the most successful in human history”. Time spent in the wild with the Bushmen causes an awakening of senses which life in the modern world has suppressed. Most significant is the revelation of the level of happiness they are able to enjoy despite the absence of modern comforts and material possessions. Guests also become exposed to their spirituality and learn how this spiritual connectivity has contributed to their amazing survival and conservation of their environment.

Nowhere is their spirituality more evident than during their performance of the healing dance. Performed around a fire and under African stars, this occasion creates stirrings in the primal brain.