Get Real Africa was established to create awareness of the plight of our Natural World and to give guests a chance to reconnect with it.

The introduction of ‘authentic’ Bushmen as guides led to a change in focus of the Get Real Africa experience. Clive Horlock recognised the wisdom of the Bushmen as being of significant value to Conservation and the survival of humankind and has since become a student of their ‘culture of survival’. He has subsequently proceeded to share the Bushmen message through the provision of interactive Bushmen experiences and presentations to international audiences.

In 2020 he was approached by Roots & Journeys, a reputable Botswana Safari Company, to provide Bushmen activities at their new camp at Great Tsau Hill in the Central Kalahari Game Reserve of Botswana.(

This strategic partnership has been mutually beneficial and has allowed Clive to focus on communication with the Bushmen and the provision of immersive Bushmen experiences.