The Bushman Experience

The primary aim for the establishment of Get Real Africa’s Walking Safari’s was to provide nature lovers with the opportunity to walk in real and unspoilt African environments.

However, the introduction of Bushmen, initially as guides only, has revealed a pool of knowledge and wisdom which has intrigued and fascinated most guests to such an extent that the focus of the Get Real Africa experience has shifted to providing a more holistic Bushmen cultural experience.

This has meant that the walking has become less arduous with more time spent gaining insight into the fascinating world of the Bushmen and witnessing the harmonious relationship they enjoy with the natural world.

The Bushmen programme has now been designed to satisfy guests with a greater range of interests.

The Xgau Clan

Eighty years ago there will still Bushmen living in Botswana who had never seen a white man. Today there are very few Bushmen allowed to live according to their original culture and values.

To find Bushmen still having the knowledge of the “Old People”, and able to exhibit it, is very rare. After many attempts Get Real Africa was able to find a band of Bushmen suitable to provide guests with an authentic Bushmen experience.

The Bushmen from the Central Kalahari region of Botswana are also considered to be the greatest survivalists of all Bushmen as they survived in the most hostile area of all. An area which provided no surface water for most of the year and therefore also less game on which to hunt.

Interacting with these friendly and harmless people has proved to be life changing for those privileged enough to have done so.


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